Slacks at Legends, 8/22/11


One Response to “Slacks at Legends, 8/22/11”

  1. corndoggie Says:

    But, you may be thinking, there’s no lighting outside at Legends…

    I’m very tickled to have been able to get this image using my new toys: 1) a used Vivitar 285 HV manual speedlight ($30), and 2) a pair of YN 603 radio trigger/receiver transceivers, otherwise known as “poverty wizards” ($35).

    I was sitting at the front table, which had a big umbrella over it. For a lightstand, I stuck the flash (with a typing-paper diffuser) up in the hub of the umbrella, aimed at the band. Worked like magic!

    These delightful little transceivers are supposed to have a range over 100 feet, but I haven’t tested that. So far, not a single misfire. If you’re thinking of getting a pair, talk to me… the older YN 602’s are still available and have certain advantages (as well as disadvantages). I maybe shoulda got those instead.

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