Friends of the Barnes

“The Barnes Foundation is the only sane place to see art in America” Henri Matisse


9 Responses to “Friends of the Barnes”

  1. Dog in Boat Says:

    I sure hope somebody got a panorama of the earthquake today!

  2. corndoggie Says:

    We were in line at the DMV when the ceiling started trembling in oscillation. It was as if a giant ceiling fan was a little off causing it to pulsate — a constant vibration with a pulse resonant with the ceiling structure. This lasted around a minute, then reoccurred briefly.

    Within seconds all the employees informally zipped outside while most of the customers stayed in, as the tremors had been fairly mild and had stopped. After 15 minutes everyone resumed their normal activities.

    Then a very loud recorded voice boomed three times, “Attention! The emergency situation has ended. Please resume your normal activities.”

  3. Dog in Boat Says:

    I was in the basement with Phil Lesh cranked up quite loud on the stereo. At first I thought the quake was just some sort of bass effect, and then the house started shaking and dust was falling from the ceiling. The quake was ending just as I turned the music off, but I still didn’t realize it was a quake. I thought maybe the roof was collapsing or maybe a truck had run into the house. By the time I ran upstairs, everything was over and all appeared normal. Turned on the TV and there was no story. So I went to my handy I-phone app called “QuakeFeed,” and there it was plain as day – 5.8 quake in central va.

  4. No pano but from my office on the 9th floor downtown I could feel the building sway. I’m sure that the folks on the 24th floor were rockin’. I could see the building across the street with its floor to ceiling windows shiverin’ its timbers.

  5. corndoggie Says:

    Revised up to 5.9. It was felt over such a wide range because our rocks are “old and cold”, dense with few fractures, so the shock went zinging. In California the “Swiss cheese” of fractures dissipates shock waves before they travel far.

  6. Thought it was a helicopter landing at the hospital or maybe a airline crashing then I got it and ran for my camera, but what to photograph? Growing up in the 60’s it is always in the back of my mind the nuclear bomb. It did get my heart pumping!

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