Mastodon grin


5 Responses to “Mastodon grin”

  1. Looks like one of Marlon’s drawings

  2. corndoggie Says:

    Got one to scan?

  3. Present day elephants don’t have teeth like that, they just have flat grinding molars ’cause they eat vegetative stuff. Why did the ancestor of the elephant just have those canine, meat shredding teeth. Instead of a lumbering vegan was it a ravenous carnivore? It’s hard to imagine considering it’s body form. Does anyone know the skinny on this ’cause it’s been bugging me.

  4. Not that I ever met one personally, but I hear that Mastodons and Mammoths were both herbivores. Their different types of teeth were adapted to eating different types of plants.

  5. The teeth of the Mammoth shown in the schematic that Boatdog posted, ( I couldn’t see Mastodon teeth) greatly resemble the teeth of elephants. The plants that the Mastodon in the photo were eating must have been of a different type indeed having the ability to run away and struggle when caught otherwise why have those teeth evolved to catch and tear prey? The territory occupied by Mammoths and Mastodons on the map overlapped for the most part so was their diet that much different? Either some misguided paleontologist has placed Tyrannosaurus Rex teeth on the reconstructed Mastodon or they were eating some rather robust vegetation that has now become extinct. Enquiring minds want to know.

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