More over-the-top photo tech..

From David Hockney..


We are watching 18 screens showing high-definition images captured by nine cameras. Each camera was set at a different angle, and many were set at different exposures. In some cases, the images were filmed a few seconds apart, so the viewer is looking, simultaneously, at two different points in time. The result is a moving collage, a sight that has never quite been seen before. But what the cameras are pointing at is so ordinary that most of us would drive past it with scarcely a glance.

camera array..


7 Responses to “More over-the-top photo tech..”

  1. High tech, yes, but their tripod looks like an old rooftop TV antenna!

  2. ://

  3. I was looking into traveling to Chichen Itza today and saw that they have some really specific rules for photography on the site: no video cameras, but digital cameras with video capability are fine. But he weirdest rule of all was : NO TRIPODS. ????

  4. corndoggie Says:

    Spikes. Trip hazard.

  5. I got your dollar store tripods you requested while in the mountains…..

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