The Ruins at the Barboursville Winery were the home of a governor of Virginia and designed by Thomas Jefferson. Once refered to as the finest home in Virginia.

8 Responses to “Barboursville”

  1. I need the youtube tutor for photoshop that Boatdog posted awhile back. I can’t seem to find with the search………

  2. Nice pic, KB. I’m glad the ruins at Barboursville are being preserved. Great place and good wine, too.

    O3, not sure which thing you’re talking about. I remember posting some “You suck at Photoshop” stuff, but there are tons of more straightforward tutorials. Try looking for on YouTube or Adobe. But the “you suck” series is the most fun.

  3. Thanks that was what I was looking for and WDL! on pano. I’ve been wanting to go here after seeing the ruins on there wine bottle logo. Also, before I became a puritan I thought there Chardonnay the best, and I had them all, and alot!

  4. Random link: free printable lens hoods:

  5. Hey I didn’t see a lens hood for my LG Camera Phone – what gives?

  6. You’re on your own, there, bubba.

    Nice pattern pano, by the way.

  7. For a slightly snappier version, try:

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