My wife came home with this local newspaper she got at the Jiffy Mart this evening. Pretty aMUSEing photographs……..


6 Responses to “GOTCHA”

  1. Sick, sick, sick… but if you like this sort of thing, check out,0,4224441.photogallery

    “HENRICO COUNTY, VA – Police arrested and charged a topless woman with exposure after a fight in the Lakeside area of Henrico County, Virginia. Henrico Police spokesman Lt. Eric Owens says officers were called to the 5400 block of Bloomingdale Avenue Saturday night to investigate a suspicious vehicle. Police say when they found the car they also found a topless woman, 38-year-old Shirley K. Eberwien, standing next to the vehicle. Police say Eberwien told them she lost her shirt during a fight at a nearby home.

  2. I always wanted a copy of my mugshot but never knew how to get it. It being a couple of decades ago it’s probably too late but maybe someday it will show up on inside edition………

  3. and I’m referring to an UncleBanjo mugshot.

    p.s. and if anybody can find it they are free to post it as long as information is bleeped to protect the innocent. Although I did plead guilty and payed the fine and have been a model citizen ever since.

  4. You only paid a fine for being the Culpepper K.? Sweet deal.

  5. My friend Austin was also booked who is now deceased. It was following him around one evening that led me astray. Sometimes new friends can lead you into bad situation’s. It’s good to be old and wise now.

  6. Old friends are good for you.

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