Superluminal anomaly

Scientists may have detected neutrinos outpacing the speed of light (AP story and more links here, NYT here). The story doesn’t say, but my calculations show “c” being exceeded by .0000267%


5 Responses to “Superluminal anomaly”

  1. miniscule amount above the speed limit + “small amount of uncertainty” = I’ll wait for independent confirmation before getting really excited and then, maybe not get all that excited. My uninformed guess is that the measurement is inaccurate possibly due to the Doppler shift.

  2. I agree… maybe time to recalibrate. But I can’t see where Herr Doppler figures in unless Switzerland and Italy are moving toward or away from each other at a high rate of speed…

  3. However, “Superluminal Anomaly” could be a Cave song title.

  4. Muse goes global: a gentleman seemingly from England has “liked” this post. Blimey!

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