Sunday Musings


9 Responses to “Sunday Musings”

  1. Is this on Netflix?

  2. Thanks for the comic relief, but this looks better :

  3. p.s. if you are really interested :

  4. Some of us are not into nudity anymore (not me).

  5. Semi or almost nude is always better. That’s my motto these days…

  6. You may be seeing too many burlesque shows? That could kill it for me.

  7. Don’t know any of them or seen a show so far, but now that the VMFA’s is having the show’s there’s a good chance I may finally see one.

  8. p.s. something cool they do is have events where you can go draw them :

  9. See MACHETE, Austin fu (lots of nostalgia for me due to the scenes i the skuzzy side of Austin). Lindsay Lohan with a Mac10 in a nun’s habit. Hubba hubba!

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