O3’s Virus explained

Not sure if anyone else experienced this, but it is interesting –



7 Responses to “O3’s Virus explained”

  1. Of course I was blamed for looking at naked for this problem, geez I haven’t bought a Playboy for a couple of decades and the ones I had, I sold, and took the wife out to a lavish dinner. I’m not so lucky as my other friends that get to go to nude beachs in the Carrib-, so I’m racked with guilt for 6 hours until I find out my little peeks at skin hasn’t crashed my computer.

    Guess it serves me right to suffer!

  2. I had Katusha virus from the Ukraine on mine. McAfee is pretty pointless. I now have AVG.

  3. Boatdog recommended the Security Essentials and it has worked for me until today. BigK our PC Guru recommended Google Chrome because it was so much lighter and ran faster and I’ve been enjoying that too.

    AVG sounds interesting, but need BigK’s input, he has helped us all so much regarding this geek thing.

  4. Well, I also told you to get rid of security essentials after I found out it had flaws. That was, like, a year ago.

  5. ..and, as for being lucky, all you have to do is be in debt as much as I am to get this “lucky.” Eventually, after the credit card companies realize they own you, they let you go on vacation once every ten years or so, to help you keep borrowing money.

    On the bright side, I have good company. Thomas Jefferson was big into debt.

  6. Well it’s free so I have stuck with it and have had good luck with it.

    Sorry my comment was rude, DO have fun. Life should be enjoyed with out bad vibes and viruses………

  7. “All part of the job, cap,” as my former boss would often say, right after he had assigned me to crawl deep into the unventilated f’oc’sle to spend the day welding around urea formaldehyde foam (long story)

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