The Strange Chicks

Here are The Strange Chicks modeling the new Strange Ones T-Shirts in the hip black with white graphics. For a very limited time Mr. Shady has a few of these available (the shirts) in sizes small to 4x. Contact him NOW! at to place your order. Only $14.oo each! But wait, there’s more! The first ten clients who order two or more shirts can get them for only $11.95 each! Operators are standing by.


8 Responses to “The Strange Chicks”

  1. Thanks Roto – I gotta get me one. Who are the models?

  2. I still have mine from the original printing. It is a holey object.

  3. corndoggie Says:

    Got mine, too. Wearing it once, I was closely scrutinized by a very suspicious cop, who came up close and stared at the design for a while, knitting her brow and frowning as she tried to decode it. Funny, I don’t LOOK like I belong to a violent biker gang. It was the shirt that disturbed her.

  4. Shade was having a yard sale and these two birds were looking over the stuff when on the sperm of the moment he asked them to model the new shirts for his facebook page. They agreed and he grabbed his camera and the shirts but his camera battery was dead so he just gave them the shirts if they promised to model them in a picture. True to there words, they sent him this shot.
    I’m betting that Boatdog’s shirt is the white with black logo one but these are much cooler in black and if it’s “holey” it’s time for a spanking new black Strange Ones shirt that is reputed to be a real “chick magnet”.
    I recently purchased a machine that binds hard cover books and very soon Mr. Shady and I will be self publishing some Strange Ones anthologies at a very attractive price. The first ones will be numbered and signed and personalized by the artist if you like. Alert any collectors of cartoon and comic books as these will be rare and highly desirable books.

  5. “their words” in case Jude is proof reading.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Mine is one of the black ones, as I recall (it is in the historic t-shirt archive and I don’t trust my memory). The book sounds cool and of course I’d love to have one. I will avoid the pre-order, though, having been chafed by my experience with the belly dance calendar.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I also have a Shade Bio Ritmo shirt, which is also the coolest.

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