Jobs-patent art

WaPo: Jobs patent art


8 Responses to “Jobs-patent art”

  1. All the constant coverage on his memory has been really inspiring. Not sure how Adobe fits in with the Apple developers but would love to know more about.

  2. corndoggie Says:

    OK, read this (especially if you’ve used Flash on your website — you know who you are!)

  3. Thanks, that’s a little geeky for me but answered the question. Flash is all show and little substance after the little fanfare is over, big deal! I’d rather see a neon sign.

    Sorry I can’t help the cranky…………

  4. nothing wrong with flash – in fact its quite powerful – not just for animations. Anyway Apple’s objection to Flash was about money not technology.

  5. corndoggie Says:

    I can’t speak to technical vs. money issues, but flash-only sites that can’t be viewed on the many iPhones and iPads out there don’t make no sense in this day and age. Open standards are good, ain’t they, Biggie?

  6. In that case we should have been on tumblr.

  7. there’s nothing in the technology that prevents flash from being displayed on ipads, it was a business decision.

    Ot – I do like the tumblr platform (and blogger and posterous) and considered them for a time. Though tumblr allows for easier video and audio posting – WordPress (at the time) was better iwith multiple users and longer text based posts. While, as it turns out we really don’t post long text (except Roto) I still have that hope.

    Maybe we could give it a try.

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