25 Responses to “CINDY”

  1. Hoping the festival will be one big pano party for you this year. Come out early and often.

  2. Pretty much festival out, but would like to catch Cindy (probably not though).

  3. corndoggie Says:

    I’ll miss the whole thing. Just my Wicked luck.

    Otherwise I’d be heading down for the ngoni band from Mali.

  4. Man they have some awesome Texas women guitar players, haven’t found the one I was thinking of yet :

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Can’t believe the 2nd street festival trumps the Folk Festival. Oh well.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Can’t believe the 2nd street festival trumps the folk festival.

  7. If they would bring Lila Downs then they have something!

    Thinking about Friday night doing a night shot of the Altria stage. I hope that last comment wasn’t anything racial? The music at both I believe were equally good…………

  8. I was having some trouble with my log-in when I commented as anonymous above. There is nothing racial about the comment. In fact the folk festival is about as multi-cultural as any event around here gets. I have always encouraged your attendance at the folk festival (because it is such a moving experience for me) and always wondered what keeps you away most of the time, especially given the blog posts about it from your back yard. I assumed (mistakenly, I guess) that, given the fact that you are all over town these days at all kinds of events, that your attendance at this year’s festival was assured. Not picking on you… I was just hoping to see you there enjoying it with us! Maybe we’ll get lucky and see you there.

  9. There we go with the anonymous again! I keep getting logged off today. Maybe WordPress is trying to tell me to keep my thoughts to myself.

  10. Another Texas beauty I enjoy :

  11. corndoggie Says:

    nude beach?

  12. The nude part of the beach doesn’t allow photography so that the folks that go there can enjoy it without worrying about ending up on the internet. I doubt that a verbal description would suffice, but suffice to say that there was a range of types from raspy accented mid-westerners with Wal Mart bodies to svelte GMILFs (the “g” is for grandmothers) with navel piercings to stunningly perfect beauties all well rounded in the right places. There was a complete lack of perversion that is more the norm in more sexually repressed US nude places (re: Texas Beach of the 1980’s). Corndoggie in particular would be interested in the amazingly high percentage of shaved pudendae/pudendii – made me feel related to the wolf-man by comparison. …and you might also be interested in the lack of 12″ monster *****, not that I was paying attention.

    Occasionally, a tour bus would drop a load of Japanese tourists from one of the cruise ships who would come onto the beach in their long pants and jackets, toting giant camera bags only to be shooed away like bad dogs by the ever vigilant security staff who were protecting me so that I could enjoy sleeping off my morning margaritas completely nude in the mid-day sun.

    I’m posting non-nude pictures from the trip on my blog and here as I can get around to it.

  13. corndoggie Says:

    Thanks for the report. BigK was looking for more verbosity.

    Morning margaritas… woo, hoo! Instead of a wake and bake, it’s wake and slake. Recovered yet?

  14. I thought you’d like that shavey stuff

  15. I’ve decided to photograph the festival Friday evening something I’ve never done before. Too bad the pole dancers aren’t this year.

  16. I’ve met Chris recently and he’s a nice guy but these wouldn’t be my picks, I guess it’s ok for good people to disagree as our politicians say :

  17. I’m not too excited about the line-up this year, but I say that every year and then get inspired by the discoveries once I get to the festival. I’m glad Wayne is coming back this year and I hope to show him the mileage on my Henderson at Saturday night’s volunteer party. Otherwise, I may have to check out the Old Bay Ceili Band, even though I don’t usually go for the Irish dance stuff, and even though they can’t seem to spell Ceilidh properly. I just want to see them in honor of one of our dog friends:

  18. That’s impressive Wayne comes all that way to volunteer. I’ll make a point to try to photograph him if I spot him tonight.

  19. Here’s one for Bosco :

  20. corndoggie Says:

    Yeah, look for Wayne setting up chairs and standing around with a donation bucket. He’s got the volunteer spirit.

  21. Friday night….getting dusky….time to fire up the bike and get the primo parking….then go forth in search of the pano party!

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