Morning Margaritas

Orient Beach had a slew of ramshackle restaurant / bars crudely built right on the beach. The shabby appearance was deceiving, because inside these shacks you could get some of the best food I’ve ever had. We tried to get to them all, but only made it to about half of them. I sampled the margaritas at each place we stopped. My earliest was 10:30 AM. No, I have not re-adjusted now that I’m home and may never fully recover.

Note: The photo was shot right after dawn, thus all the bars are closed and there are few people on the beach.


12 Responses to “Morning Margaritas”

  1. corndoggie Says:

    Smashing pano, and quite readable even small sized. Maybe the tourist bureau would want to license it.

  2. FRECKLES on the beach, I’m sure it is a whole lot more fun though.

    p.s. It took a while but I have recovered from my time spent at FRECKLES, LOL (probably not)?

  3. The first time I went into Freckle’s it took me straight back to the bars in Wisconsin where slow death was the dominant theme (recall the “10 years since I had a solid ****” comment” story). I’m glad you got away from that place.

  4. It all depends on your frame of reference. Life isn’t forever, so I say enjoy it whichever way you want, as long as you are non violent and non abusive to others. The problems start when the things you enjoyed once are no longer fun. I hear that is a definition of addiction. 10:30 AM margaritas were fun last week, but I think that would get old after a bit.

  5. After a bit, then you ARE a pirate.

    It was fun for awhile but the pirate lifestyle never ends well. It’s funny that Disney has romanticized it so.

  6. p.s. I have a pirate shot from last summer from the secret project that would look awesome imbedded in this. I’m still in the dark about it too, but hear progress is being made. I have high hopes and try to ignore my misgivings, etc. I have two other hush projects going also, Who’s got the secret life now? (chuckle). I’ve also signed a waiver for the extra part in film being made in town now. Hopefully I’ll be able to share something in 2012??????

  7. It’s only a secret life if you don’t talk about it. Otherwise it’s just frustrating. But it does make you sound exclusive and aloof, so, you know, go for it. I figure the calendar will show up someday and if not I’m only out $20 bucks. Khalima wrote a very moving piece on Facebook about dance the other day that was worth $20 bucks at least. She seems all right.

  8. Did the margaritas cost more than rum drinks? While traveling in the Yucatan (where they make rum and it’s dirt cheap) I found some folks couldn’t understand why it was harder to find tequila there. Dumb barstids.

  9. The rum was free with meals (they’d bring a bottle and plop it on the table after dinner), and every restaurant had their own spin on it…banana rum, etc. I’m not a big fan of rum, so I stuck to tequila drinks when I was ordering by the glass.

    All the liquor on the island was dirt cheap because there were no taxes. A big bottle of 1800 Tequila that would cost $40 here was less than $20 there.

  10. No tax? Cue this from Burns..

    The Deil’s Awa Wi’ Th’ Exciseman

    The Deil’s awa, the Deil’s awa,
    The Deil’s awa wi’ th’ Exciseman!
    He’s danc’d awa, he’s danc’d awa,
    He’s danc’d awa wi’ th’ Exciseman!
    The Deil cam fiddlin thro’ the town,
    And danc’d awa wi’ th’ Exciseman!
    And ilka wife cries: -‘Auld Mahoun,
    I wish ye luck o’ the prize, man!
    ‘ We’ll mak our maut, and we’ll brew our drink,
    We’ll laugh, sing, and rejoice, man,
    And monie braw thanks to the meikle black Deil,
    That danc’d awa wi’ th’ Exciseman!
    ‘ There’s threesome reels, there’s foursome reels,
    There’s hornpipes and strathspeys, man,
    But the ae best dance ere cam to the land
    Was The Deil’s Awa wi’ th’ Exciseman!’

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