14 October, 2011 21:33


8 Responses to “14 October, 2011 21:33”

  1. You could have won it dude :

  2. It was by invitation only. But, if I’d been invited, I’m pretty sure I could have at least come in 6th. (There were six contestants)

  3. Did anyone get photos of the Carnival contest on Sunday? Absolutely the-most-beautiful man-made creations I have ever seen, enhanced by the pure, brilliant light of a beautiful day and energized by the funky dancing of the operators. I’m trying to find out more about the group in order to try and see them again sometime – with camera in hand.

  4. Wish I had known about a Carnival contest. The pictures I have been collecting on the ones in Brazil and France are pretty amazing. I’m curious too about what you are referring to.

  5. Caribbean Carnival Costume Contest, Sunday PM, on the bluestone plaza in front of the Civil War Museum. The Folk Festival schedule listed the performers as being from Hampton, and cited a guy named Earl Blake, but I can’t find anything more on the web… yet.

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