Ngoni Ba

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  1. Is this where you were a stage hand? Arthur and I heard them on the radio (Altria stage) on the way to Halloween Brunch. Arthur says they win the prize for best in show………….

  2. To me “best in show” is a tie with Redd Voelker, Steve Riley and Ngoni Ba. I would certainly award Ngoni Ba with the “most happy and peppy” award. This music gets really repetetive, as Cajun tends to, and many other types of folk music. So, sometimes your enjoyment is increased if you are already “in-tune” with a genre. Thus, I’ve learned to enjoy Cajun by long exposure and can actually tell the various bands apart from one another now. The Mamou Playboys are the best in my view, mostly because they let the guitar have a voice in the band (and their guitar player – Sam Broussard – is great).

    This video was shot in the dance tent, where you could get very close to the bands… I think the dance tent totally blows away the Altria and other stages.

    I didn’t get to hear the Chatham County Line (may not be the correct name?) but heard they were swell, too. It seemed like the Klezmer band was the most popular, biggest crowd pleaser, but I just can’t stand that stuff (sometimes a genre can become too familiar).

    To me the contests were sort of a let-down. The musicians were great, but if you’ve been to real contests before, this compressed version with invitation-only ringers competing was very watered down. I suppose it was a good exposure for Richmond, and I could not believe the packed tent at both contests I attended (guitar and fiddle), where there were actual girls in attendance and some of them were actually recording the performances on their smart phones. …a far cry from the not too distant days where the audience for guitar and fiddle contests was all male, all the time.

    I wasn’t a stage hand – I was a band host for Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, which mostly involves following the band around and making sure they get on the right bus at the right time. We only had one emergency that resulted in a mad dash on my motorcycle to the hotel when Steve Riley realized he left his accordions at the hotel 15 minutes before his show on Saturday night.

  3. corndoggie Says:

    Moto-bro saves the day.

    Allan was a host for N-Ba. Kat helped him deal with last-minute treatment for the drummer’s festering wound.

  4. corndoggie Says:

    not the first ngoni on the Muse:

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