All About Space Heaters


11 Responses to “All About Space Heaters”

  1. I see a paparazzi got past the gate.

    Nice shot though.

  2. I need info on this :

    Rodney has an edenPURE that he says works really well and his brother who lives on a mountain top swears by it.

  3. O3, I know nothing of the ceramic or quartz heaters, but I swear by this little parabolic job:

    It works like a reverse satellite dish or radio telescope… the parabolic reflector focuses the heat energy into a linear beam… point the heater at you and you’ll be warm all day.

  4. Love the cat beside your heater. You may want to check out the one Rodney endorses :

    thanks for reply!

  5. Giving this a try today from Home Depot : The Truman Electric infrared heater produces safe, clean, economical heat by utilizing six infrared quartz-heating elements that deliver ultimate comfort by keeping the heat even throughout your room.

    The Truman infrared heating elements are housed inside copper heat exchangers, the outside of the heater remains cool to the touch, making the heater safe to be near pets and small children
    The quiet yet powerful high output scroll fan distributes, circulates and recycles heated air from floor to ceiling
    Truman Infrared Heaters heat without flames or harmful fumes, nothing to damage either your families health, or the environment
    Truman Heaters furniture Grade wooden cabinet makes this a product you will be proud to have in your home
    MFG Model # : 1500IRWR
    MFG Part # : HDTH1

  6. This unit kept the house between 66 – 68 through the night and steadily rising today. Sinus hasn’t gone south and cleaner air. Rodney was spot on about this.

  7. Thaks for correcting this Boat – Seems like the post somehow got off track

  8. My original post failed to capture the essence of the moment, so I was glad to have had an opportinty to make amends once I realized what the true nature of my post was supposed to be.

  9. corndoggie Says:

    Space is the place, and heat can’t be beat.

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