Two studies for piano

Just wrote these for some young pianists:


6 Responses to “Two studies for piano”

  1. Nice! These two assemblages of notes and intervals were very pleasing. If I were prone to associate sounds with imagery, I could almost see a low-tech workshop, with a small group of passionate craftspeople in the first piece, and a rolling, rural landscape with a mildly turbulent breeze eddying by in the second piece.

    (recalling / channelling a previous muse discussion about music composition)

  2. If you make them play simultaneously I like it a little more.

  3. corndoggie Says:

    Glad you like them. My, what an imagination! I can see all that stuff myself, now that you point it out.

    The first piece is cool because after two four-bar phrases in the prevailing 3/4 time of the ostinato, the melody has a six-bar phrase that feels like it’s in 2/4 time.

    In the second piece, in the middle section when the right hand takes over the two-note chord accompaniment (restating the original intervals an octave higher and with the intervals inverted), the left hand plays the original melody transposed down an octave and a fifth, creating a new set of harmonic relationships with the chords.

    These structural subtleties vanish, of course, if you play them both at once.

  4. Nice!

    I’ve been listening to Keith Jarrett solo work as of late. It’s good vibes to promote this! WDL!

  5. p.s. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I did this old broad one time who was always hunting some young pianists. Me, I do the turkey, squat and gobble.
    Happy shopping and gluttony day.

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