You all may be a bit behind in your obsessions

It seems that everywhere I turn these days I’m hearing about BELLY DANCING. Even when I try to unfriend and dislike my way out of the Facebook ads, they still keep coming. So, those of you who are into it may want to peruse this book, written by a new friend I met over the weekend. It features pictures of belly dancing shot in New York in 1969 and 1970. It’s already published and available for sale, too, so there’s no messy pre-paying and then never getting what you paid for to deal with, either! Looks like a good read:


5 Responses to “You all may be a bit behind in your obsessions”

  1. What are those weird comments today? Is the spam filter leaking? I didn’t click on any of the links.

  2. A day with out BELLY DANCING is a day wasted.

    P.s. nice book!

    this is my favorite belly dancer/mermaid from that era :

  3. Simple waltzing has profound benefits

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