First Chord of Hard Day’s Night Demystified


7 Responses to “First Chord of Hard Day’s Night Demystified”

  1. corndoggie Says:

    OK, finally had a chance to listen to this.

    Fadd9/G + Dsus4 = G9sus4 (that is, G7sus4 plus the 9th)

    Nice chord, nicely voiced.

  2. Jeez all those letters and numbers sort of looks like your comment may be SPAM too!

    Is music really that complex or are you a Doctor?

  3. Gee nine sus four. Better?

    Simple harmony lesson:

    Play this chord from bottom to top on the white keys of the piano:

    A (the 9th of the chord)
    — skip a note —
    F (the 7th of the chord)
    — skip a note —
    D (the 5th of the chord)
    — skip a note —
    B (the 3rd of the chord)
    — skip a note —
    G (the root or 1st note of the chord)

    There’s your G9 chord (full name: G dominant 9th).

    Now raise the B up to C. That’s the “suspended 4th” creating G9sus4. This suspended note wants to resolve down to B. Denying this urge creates an ambiguous, unresolved, floating feeling.

  4. I am anonymous. Or am I?

  5. I guess I am. Or was.

  6. “ambiguous, unresolved floating feeling.” Sounds almost like you are on the borderline of imagining imagery related to music.

  7. corndoggie Says:

    Music and it’s constituent elements are filled with feeling for me, but no pictures. But show me a picture or film and I can produce music that embodies, supplements or contradicts it’s emotional tone.

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