Xmas Gift: The Daily Muse App

Download this essential free software today. You’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without it. For all Musers present and absent with love and holiday greetings.

(right-click or control-click to download)

MuseShuffle for Mac

MuseShuffle for Windows


3 Responses to “Xmas Gift: The Daily Muse App”

  1. corndoggie Says:

    Windows users: please let me know if this thing behaves properly.

    This app was programmed in Livecode, a descendent of Hypercard. If you want to geek out, check out the code. If you’re a hard-core coder, marvel at how English-like the language is, and how easy it is to build a web window.
    — (code for Web:)

    global sBrowserId, gWinID, gBrowserID

    on openCard
    revBrowserRefresh gBrowserID
    end openCard
    on browserOpen
    put the windowID of this stack into gWinID
    put revBrowserOpen(gWinID,”http://www.thedailymuse.org”) into sBrowserId
    put sBrowserId into gBrowserID

    revBrowserSet sBrowserId, “showborder”,”true”
    revBrowserSet sBrowserId, “rect”,rect of field “webField”
    end browserOpen
    on browserClose
    If gBrowserID is not empty then
    revBrowserClose gBrowserID
    put empty into gBrowserID
    end If
    end browserClose

    — —————————————————————————–
    — (code for Shuffle)

    on mouseUp
    play audioClip “shuffling_cards.au”

    put 7 into tHeadCount
    put 12 into tReps
    put .008 into tDur
    put 360/tReps into tAngleFactor — for 12 reps: 30
    put 100/tReps into tBlendFactor — for 12 reps: 8.333333

    put 163 into tHmin
    put 685 into tHmax
    put 290 into tVmin
    put 444 into tVmax

    repeat with tRepCount = 1 to tReps

    repeat with tHeadNumber = 1 to tHeadCount — start with invisible heads
    put “head” & tHeadNumber into theImage
    set the blendLevel of image theImage to 100
    end repeat

    repeat with tHeadNumber = 1 to tHeadCount
    put “head” & tHeadNumber into theImage
    put randomNumberBetween(tHmin,tHmax) into h
    put randomNumberBetween(tVmin,tVmax) into v

    set the blendLevel of image theImage to 100 – (tRepCount*tBlendFactor)
    move image theImage to h,v in tDur seconds
    set the angle of image theImage to tRepCount*tAngleFactor
    end repeat

    end repeat

    — restore to initial layount with random head assignments:
    put empty into tHeadList
    put field “StartLocs” into tStartLocs
    put tHeadCount into tCount

    repeat with tHeadNumber = 1 to tHeadCount
    put randomNumberBetween(1,tCount) into tChoice
    put line tChoice of tStartLocs into tChosenLoc
    delete line tChoice of tStartLocs
    subtract 1 from tCount
    put “head” & tHeadNumber into theImage

    move image theImage to tChosenLoc in tDur seconds
    end repeat

    end mouseUp

  2. Worked just fine for me in Windows Xp, even on my work PC. Can you add a stealth mode so the prying eyes at TAX won’t see me looking at the Muse?

  3. corndoggie Says:

    Sure, that will be fun. Something like a spreadsheet or scientific calculator?

    If you really want to use this as a Muse browser, I’ll revise it to allow window resizing.

    Glad the Windows version works. After four days with no comments, I thought this was going to be chopped liver.

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