New Year’s surprise

Just in time for New Year’s eve, this double-thick plaster ceiling collapsed all at once with no provocation. Fortunately, no people, dogs or paintings were injured, but some period frames were chipped and some ceramics were smashed.


15 Responses to “New Year’s surprise”

  1. It’s a common practice these days to slap sheet rock on plaster ceilings to keep them from dropping. My sister’s house (circa 1823) had all them done that way before she moved in. You may want to tell the “This Old House Crowd” about the misfortune?

  2. corndoggie Says:

    The original plaster was replaced 30-40 years ago when central AC was installed.

  3. The only other thing I can think of is the installer drilled the sheet rock screws to far in?

    Some of these companies will have a half dozen subs to complete a job. Which leaves you at the mercy of god knows who’s mistake. I’m with Boatdog in letting them in the house and do it myself.

    Your only is good as your word, and finding out if their word means anything is a gamble.

    “C’est la vie”

  4. p.s. If you got a good lawyer you could force a claim citing quake damage

  5. corndoggie Says:

    You mean, sue God for his acts? Or sue the contractor from 30 years ago for a collapse that happened months after an act of God?

  6. Get a reverse mortgage, maybe they will honor a claim and give you a monthly check to boot. Just idea’s, I hope the issue is resolved someway for you guys.

    Looks like my folks living room at 316 that my brother in-law was always worried the ceiling may fall (never did).

  7. Is this what they call a “drop ceiling?”

  8. Well, you know what they say…. “out with the old.”

    I’ll be here all week.

  9. corndoggie Says:

    “Drop ceiling” — nyuk, good one.

  10. I can help with sheetrock installation if you need to round up a crew.

  11. corndoggie Says:

    Thanks, BushHog, whoever you are. Insurance pays for the living room, so we’re having a pro do it. We should do the dining room too, but on our dime. Maybe I’ll watch the pro and learn, then ask you to help, whoever you are.

    The pro pointed out that what fell wasn’t sheetrock — it seems like 1/2″ of sheetrock layered with 1/2″ of concrete, heavy as a beeatch.

  12. We know what’s really going on over there…

  13. corndoggie Says:

    Insurance guy was here and did right by us. The ceiling has the original triple-layer plaster (with a narrow finishing coat). Held up for 80 years, then BOOM. He paid enough to re-plaster the hole, which is exactly enough to bring down the whole living room ceiling and put up sheetrock.

  14. You can’t fool us:

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