Book roll out

ImageImageHello Musers, Sorry I’ve been out of touch with The Muse but I’m too busy to be friendly lately and sometimes my “snark meter” was flashing red alert when I was about to comment. However,this announcement is important. Shade and I have finally started the presses on his new book and it’s a beauty. Check it out on EBay by searching for Strange Ones cartoon book. All the first copies will be signed and he will personalize one for you if you ask. No returns on personalized books. PayPal only please. Free Shipping………..I’ll try to post more often. Thanks, Roto 


6 Responses to “Book roll out”

  1. Great!.. I need a link cause I can’t find it. Gotta get one of these.

  2. Much thanks to Big K for stepping up to the plate and putting his money where his mouth is. I suppose some of the other Musers are “once bitten, twice shy” perhaps from being on the short end of a belly dance calendar stick. Big K kept the faith and is being richly rewarded with a special bonus gift with his order. Once Big K is the first one on the block to possess this priceless collectable maybe the rest of you will do the right thing and plunk your scratch on the barrel head thereby allowing Shade a few more recumbent hours zapping oncoming meteors and fending off alien ships while endlessly playing “Asteroids”. Thanks in advance. Roto

  3. Might do you well to consider that Big K is the only one here with a real job.

  4. …just sayin.

  5. Duly noted Boatdog. Just kidding anyhow. I don’t need to “guilt trip” anyone into buying Shade’s book, we have already sold out of the first edition and are printing another. Also kidding about Shade laying about playing “Asteroids” all day. He pulls his weight around here and he is remarkably busy creating his architectural renderings for Richmond realtors. He has zero interest in the multitudinous landscaping duties needed on the spread but I have Wayne the Farmhand for that. If any Musers know anyone interested in collectable comic books you could steer them to our EBay ad or better yet have them contact the artist through his site, (no EBay fees for us). I hope things pick up for ya’ll soon. I mean, if that’s what you want.

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