Junior Brown

Shade and I went to a very small venue in the arts district of Oak Cliff, ( a long ignored and much maligned district of Dallas south of the river) called The Kessler Theater to see Junior Brown and his small group play a gig. That’s his wife, Tanya Rae Brown, on rhythm guitar. Of course Junior is showing off his virtuosity on his self made “GuitSteel”. Note how he routinely uses his special tuning pegs for effects during a number. He has a little holder for his guitar slide that he switches to almost faster than the eye can follow. He got the most response when he played his hits like “You’re wanted by the po-lease and my wife thinks you’re dead.” and “The Party Lights”.  Junior manages to be a “Guitsteel” genius and very funny at the same time. This place only holds about 150 people and I was able to move around and real close to get some great shots.


One Response to “Junior Brown”

  1. I hope you guys get out often. If the Quebe Sisters Band ever comes to the area, you must see them. They hail from Burleson TX.

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