Panography panic

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and every decade this smug fellow writes a column I like. Freedom from paranoid policing is something we can all agree on. A tripod can trip you up! Watch out! Don’t be apprehended taking pictures “with no apparent aesthetic value”.

Two photographers’ tales here.


17 Responses to “Panography panic”

  1. George is a little up tight.

    I’ve been around alot of different types of law enforcement taking suspect photos but they have sensed my famous artist status and let me be. On a couple of occasions I’ve had to chat away to an art lover, another time to buy a fish sandwich.

    ” reasonable suspicions not of terrorism but of narcissism “

  2. This is a good read as I prepare to head out to shoot some panoramas at a nearby child care facility. They might take my license plate number. At least I don’t drive a green Toyota with a stripe on the side… those have been on the watch list for years.

  3. They wanted to know how long I had, had a beard? Now I cam say long enough to be in a Spielberg film. I had nothing to hide then or now. The fact they took infrared pictures of me is unnerving though. The agent was a well bred charming fellow so it was an interesting experience.
    They can just refer to my blog now, but that SOPA/PIPA scare yesterday is unnerving also.

  4. Look at the bright side… as long as the Toyota is up on blocks, it won’t be a concern for suspicious minds.

  5. corndoggie Says:

    The threats are the worst… “With one word from me you’ll be placed on an extrajudicial secret list of suspected enemies of the state which will cause you to be monitored and harassed for the remainder of your life!”

  6. I feel the best policy is to engage with security if I feel I’m being watched while photographing. I enjoy what I create and if I’m creeping others out it’s not a positive vibe. I love shooting panoramas of the city from atop city hall which has had issues lately. It will be interesting if there will be a change there. Alot of places I photographed this past year I would have welcomed a patrol car keeping an eye on me. There are many sides of the coin.

  7. Which brings us back to the discussion of ASPECT RATIO. I think the subject has finally gotten to me. I just had to stop watching a perfectly good streaming Netflix BBC mystery because it was in 4:3 and I’m more accustomed to 16:9. Jeez Louise, I never thought this would happen to me.

  8. When I save a movie file now it’s a list of numbers instead of 16:9. Since I just dabble in film I don’t always remember what works best.

    I kept my pet peeve about aspect ratio to myself while on the Spielberg set but did have viewing access to the monitors a couple of times and you can imagine my interest.LOL!

  9. p.s. Our history PhD friend won’t give up his 4:3 televisions, still has a rotatory phone and has recently bought cases of incandescent light bulbs.

  10. This is on wcve at 10pm tonight :

  11. For instance, street photographers operating under the new regulations would be required to ensure their finish photos “shall be clear and sharp, and shall show no blur of focus or camera movement which affects the principal subject.”

    That, Osterreicher said, would be an unnecessary impingement of artistic license. “I’ve seen great photography where they actually blur things and it looks great,” he said. “The way it’s written, it seems to be micromanaging unnecessarily.”

    My photos of the Mag Bats shot in Zero Light will be suspect, I got a really good one though. I’ll also be suspect for HDR and parlor tricks with RAW files.

  12. “Nothing in the affairs of men is worthy of great anxiety.” (Plato)

    “The man who makes everything that leads to happiness depends upon himself, and not upon other men, has adopted the very best plan for living happily. This is the man of moderation, the man of manly character and of wisdom.” (Plato)

    “Artists nowadays care nothing for truth; they incorporate into their images not proportions that really are beautiful, but those that appear to be so” (Plato)

    “Two out of three ‘aint bad.” (Me)

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