Nana Mouskouri – Muse Especial


18 Responses to “Nana Mouskouri – Muse Especial”

  1. Yeah, the selection “La Paloma” was designed to get your attention, but it was Nana I wanted you to pay attention to!

  2. You had to get me going, this next video should give a indication of the scope of this song :

  3. Very cool woman and fact she has no problem promoting eyeglasses makes me love her more. A flawed Greek Goddess (good for her).

  4. Yes. The glasses thing is part of it.

  5. Also god bless Whitney for those that were lucky enough to be witness to her prime years :

  6. I’ve sensed you have missed me so here is something for BigK who owns one of these wonders :

    Best compact heater…ever., December 2, 2008
    William W. Vogt “Bill Vogt”

    This review is from: Pelonis B-6A1, Classic 4 Disc Ceramic Safety Furnace, Brown (Kitchen)

    With dozens of so called “ceramic” portable heaters on the market it can be very difficult to sort through all the models. Here are the facts friends; Pelonis (Del Rain) pionerred the original fully ceramic portable heaters back in the mid 80’s…these models use 100% ceramic heating (disc design) elements and will approximately double the amount of heat available, watt for watt, than all other so called “ceramic” heaters. Why the confusion? the lower cost units (20-30$) use very small ceramic conductive elements which are then joined to long metal type heating fins; (there is only an upfront cost saving); the pelonis disc furnace will pay for itself in less than one heating season!

    And, by the way, our own space shuttles employ this same type of heating unit on their missions. Case dismissed.

  7. Maria Callas, the real Greek uber-diva. You don’t have to be an opera freak to thrill to the controlled beauty of her sudden pianissimo at 1:15.

  8. Hey! This is about space heaters now!

  9. I vote for Placidos version. His voice is thrilling.

  10. Sorry, have to leave a comment here about Boatdogs wonderful new format of his blog. I haven’t been able to view it since this morning without crashing my computer. Find out about lightning up the Flash header. Please! or I won’t be able to enjoy.

  11. Try it again. I limited the number of slides it has to load. I had it set at 30 slides, and now it’s set at 5. Maybe that will help. Keep the feedback coming, so I can get it fine tuned.

  12. corndoggie Says:

    Works fine for me. Looks purty.

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