Local Girl

Why is it that narcissism is so much more charming when the narcissist is female and happens to be a HOT MOM? I found this blog last night after hearing about this local girl at band practice. I know you will like it, even though it may not be just partly nude. In any case, it’s NSFW, so wait ’till you are at home to wander past the content warning: http://www.biguglypix.com/


20 Responses to “Local Girl”

  1. Wow…THANKS! So nice of you to POST this! Hope you’ll say, “Hi” if you ever happen to see me ’round the neighborhood…

    Thanks again,


  2. Did you guys notice her other site :


    She’s really good and The way she frames those self portraits is awesome! I have a friend from Iceland that is really good at it too along with being a incredible landscape photographer.


  3. p.s. It does help to be a Goddess, but hell I’m going to be in the Lincoln Movie.

    Life is Good!

    even for Salty Dogs………….

  4. I’m not appearing in the Lincoln movie, but you can catch me in my basement most anytime. It’s enough because it has to be.

    I agree about the framing thing. Must be difficult with a 10 second timer and having to work so fast. Nice job, Lauralyn… you have new admirers.

  5. She fishes too!


    What a cool young lady, thanks for posting this! She is really good, and the goddess thing helps, although I love all mountain women and why I’m married to one.

  6. It’s no secret to you guys that my take on Facebook is that your pissing in the wind posting anything there (bad vibes period).

    Something interesting, I feel I’m in good company :


  7. J Moser Says:

    To fully understand you, we’d have to define just what you mean by “pissing in the wind,” or understand what you are trying to accomplish in general, however, I’ve thought a bit recently about dumping Facebook. If you are concerned about your work being subject to copyright infringement, then you are also pissing in the wind by being on WordPress, but I digress.

    I think Lauralyn makes some excellent points and covers a range of views on the subject. I’ve definitely been in the camp of becoming over tired of seeing people’s constant self promotion. But that just applies to people who over-promote, and not everybody does. As far as traffic to my WordPress site goes, I usually see it triple on days when I promote it on Facebook, and I only do that occasionally.

    My main concern is the big brother aspect of it, though I doubt dropping Facebook would make it much more difficult for big brother to track me. I also have a phone with GPS tracking in it, but, at some point, at our age, comes the realization that it doesn’t really matter because I’m not going anywhere worthy of keeping secret! But, from what I’m reading lately, if you’re worried about big brother, you should stop using Google, too! There’s no escape but to pull the plug completely.

  8. Our local historian friend that resist’s all technology that is not out of the Edison lab has all rotary phones in his house except in the basement where he needs a push button to punch in his Kroger Rx’s and retrieve his messages (chuckle).

    Site stats are another pet peeve I don’t like to boast about but my blog is doing REALLY well without me being directly on FB. I am curious if there are more members of MIRA that I’m not aware of, and am enjoying doing images when I see them.

    Like Lauralyn, I wasn’t using that great of a camera when I started this digital stuff. Her images are proof that equipment is not everything in creating. It’s refreshing to see a like minded passion.
    I’d love to have a 5 grand camera to be filming the Heron at the Rookery, but haven’t done too shabby.

  9. J Moser Says:

    Why are site stats a peeve? No need to answer, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of your traffic is coming from Facebook, where I see a lot of the promoters posting your stuff. Hey… it’s a community after all!

  10. J Moser Says:

    Hey, look! The International Space Station is on Facebook! Case Closed! (as someone said in a post about space heaters a few weeks ago)



  11. As I mentioned, I feel as if I am in good company with Lauralyn and will definitely keep an eye out for her, but the only photographer I seem to run into regularly is Charles Sugg, who I love when I’m lucky enough to get him in a panorama. Love his photographs and he has brought me good luck when I’m shooting if he is present.

  12. corndoggie Says:

    My approach to FB: go to it monthly, immediately go to a filtered list so I don’t see Cary A.’s flood of political links or a certain prodigious self-promoter’s self-promotions, glance briefly, flee.

  13. a side note : I’d love to come to a MB band practice some time and still shoot or film! Pretty good at it :

  14. J Moser Says:

    That would be cool. I wish we had a practice space as large as Nitro’s. The cave fills up pretty tight when the Mag Bats get right.

    Interesting waltz in the video. I assume this is a cover song? Mag Bats have an original that is strikingly similar – chord structure wise:

  15. I think? a Tom Petty song. Listen to this original of hers. I’m hoping she will come by the power shed studio and let me film her doing this beside the pot belly stove. Considering there are no deserts around here (chuckle) : http://soundcloud.com/rich-car/desert-song

    Still looking at Lauralyn’s photos. Her river stuff reminds me of our youth on these beautiful rivers surrounding us. I was the one in the speedos (LOL).

    In case she’s reading???

    Here’s our old river adventure that will hopefully be a song one day : http://boatdog.wordpress.com/2011/05/22/the-hell-trip/

  16. Oh yeah, and here is a picture of the fish caught by the magnificent bastard :


  17. This place use to be more fun, I guess I get the clue, but I am engaged now. My first digital camera was a SONY which did the best mpegs until this HD stuff. I do still have my 2nd Sony which is a Cyber-shot DSC-S45. I switched to Nikon’s since and always had problems with the sony memory sticks.
    Will try some self portraits tomorrow for the Daily MUSE. The Salty Dog series.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    This place can be fun again. Who did you get engaged to? You all missed Gene and Gayla Mills at Stir Crazy last night.

  19. Could you hear them over the coffee talk? They are heartfelt!

    I know your busy, I’m just a nag and besides I’ll be promoting your skill as a designer ( there is no hurry if there’s no passion).

    I’m currently engaged to the beautiful Blue Heron and filmed one flying down our block this morning. Still working on the Cyber-S series, it’s been fun.

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