Joby Gorillapod

This thing is too cool! Any chance my custom job will be complete? It will make a good post. No matter my dollar store one works fine but not like this Joby.


12 Responses to “Joby Gorillapod”

  1. Part of what used to make this place fun was all the controversy.

    So, on to the subject of your “custom job.” I am going to do it. I have to balance my expenditure of time such things against my leaking roof and the deeply inbred family “scrutiny” that is usually present at any time when I might spend my time doing something other than working along a direct path to either home improvement or generating income.

    That said, this compelling little project has additional dangers, most with regard to your expectations, which are notoriously hard to interpret. I’m still burning from the Mexican guitar incident of 1995.

    I mean, I did go to Mexico and I did spend the better part of a whole day of my precious vacation time trying to find you a decent guitar. When the realization came that no playable guitar could be had for less than 3,825 pesos, I knew I couldn’t afford to go that route. Still, I wanted to at least bring you something from Mexico, and since I knew that you revere all things Mexican and your house is loaded with trinkets, I thought a genuine decorative tourist guitar might suffice.

    So, I laid down my 120 pesos for a trinket. I carried it through the deserts of Mexico, past the strip in Las Vegas, through canyons both Grand and Zionist, to the petrified forest that has long since been hauled away by tourists and to the place of agua calliente that had long ago run dry. It went with me past the Salton Sea, back to San Diego where we boarded the plane together. I had to carry it on my lap in the airplane, looking most undignified, just to get it all the way back to Richmond.

    Then, I presented it to you, you looked at it for 5 seconds, and handed it back to me in disgust. How my trinket from the land of Pancho Villa and Lila Downs didn’t qualify to be displayed proudly in your shrine of bobble heads and tequila labels, I will never understand.

    With regard to the tripod project, I can only afford to put maybe a day into it, and I’d best find a day when the family is occupied with other things. It is not going to be some over-qualified, hyper articulated uber-pod, like the Joby Gorrillapod, which appears to be the benchmark of your expectation. But it will be cool, if only by my standards, since I may have to live with it for the rest of my life if it gets returned to me as the Mexican guitar did.

  2. Just a tripod is fine, the legs don’t have to fold and no taller than a foot. Hopefully you’ll at least get a belly laugh this time!

  3. OK, and not even a hint of guilt about the Mexican guitar, even after that description of the experience.

  4. I don’t think it would be constructive here to go into my torment and have been hearing it is a sign of weakness to apologize. Isn’t being the leader of a new art movement enough, lets all rise above…….

  5. Yes, you are probably right about the torment, I probably can’t even imagine a tenth of it. You have nothing to apologize for, but man, I hope you’re not serious about the “sign of weakness” thing.

  6. J Moser Says:

    “It’s time for your lobotomy”

  7. Hey!!! a good kind of Wacky :

  8. corndoggie Says:

    Sheesh… even I’m tormented, and I had nothing to do with the epic “Mexican guitar incident of 1995”.

    Please post pic of bobblehead/tequila label shrine.

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