Boo Boo Bear


4 Responses to “Boo Boo Bear”

  1. corndoggie Says:

    Looks like Trampoline Bear, having fun while a bunch of guy spot him.

  2. My bear story takes place quite a few years ago. One summer I had the pleasure of working at Maymont Park. For the most part I just drove a tractor and mowed the lawn. That’s a lot of grass.

    Anyway, one morning I was driving around behind Dooley Mansion when a woman and her small child flagged me down. I drove up and turned the tractor off so she could speak. “Excuse me sir, but are the bears supposed to be outside the fence?”

    Quickly looking around I noticed what she was talking about. One of the bears was indeed outside the bear habitat. As calmly as possible I said, “Ma’am, maybe you should take your kid away from the area”.

    From what I could tell, the smallest of the two bears had climbed a tree and out on a limb that hung out over the fence. At some point the limb must have broken – sending Little Bear to the ground.

    Not wanting to tackle the beast by myself, I started up the tractor and headed down to the barn to look for the animal handler. Soon I found him and told my tail. “Get the dart gun” he bellowed. We gathered the dart gun and a small net and jumped in his truck.

    After locating the escapee the handler determined we shouldn’t need the darts and we literally dropped the net over him. While I stayed at a safe distance the handler inspected our captive. “I think he’s hurt, he’s bleedin’ from the mouth” said the handler.

    Convinced he couldn’t be hurt by the injured critter, the handler got his arms around to bear and attempted to lift it into the back of the truck. “Don’t just stand there – give me a hand. He cant’t hurt you, he’s got a busted jaw.” These proved to be famous last words. Little Bear was able to turn his head and ,despite the broken jaw, sunk his teeth into the arm of my companion.

    We finally got little bear in the truck and after some coaxing, the handler to the emergency room. To my knowledge, Little Bear survived this also. It is my belief that this same bear was one of the two bears ordered “put down” buy Douglas Wilder after a Maymont bear bit the hand of a local boy.

  3. I think just about everybody we know (the cool ones anyway ha ha) worked at Maymont at some point. My animal adventure involved a sneaky trip into the Bison pen for a smoke break. I found a secluded spot away from the animals but they followed me and soon I was surrounded. Not sure if I was actually in any danger, but I definitely didn’t feel in control of the situation.

    Most of my tenure at Maymont involved spending time in the bamboo forest reading “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.” I was not exactly a model employee.

  4. Another story from that time (there are many) occurred on my first day there. I was being shown around by Mark Hankins the Grounds Supervisor. We happened by the oxen pen. Mark said to me “I don’t know why those oxen are in thee same pen- they should be separated. Go move one to the other pen.”

    Being new to the job and so eager to please I entered the pen and pretended to try to get one of the beasts to move. These were some really huge animals. Mark started to laugh at me and and finally came in the pen himself.

    “Come over here boy – grab that ring in his nose.” There was no way that was going to happen and my first day eagerness quickly faded. “Let me show you” Mark said with a wry smile. At that point he grabbed the nose ring attached to ox and gave it a firm tug. ” When you do it like this, they become real Christians” he said as led the willing behemoth to the next pen,

    This, I suppose was just a test. One which I failed miserably. Still, I believe a learned a lot from that guy. He was a real man’s man like no one I ever met before or since.

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