View From Mt Sharon

Ms G and I visited Mt Sharon Gardens this past weekend.  A rare opportunity to see the place.  We even met to lady owns the barn in the distance.  She told us she could give us a deal on Arabian horses.

3 Responses to “View From Mt Sharon”

  1. J Moser Says:

    Looks like you got a once in a lifetime opportunity. Well done lad! This is near the town of Rapidan, also worth a visit, anytime. A favorite drive from Rapidan is to take the Algonquin Trail that follows the Rapidan River all the way to the town of Lignum, with stops at inspiring places like “Raccoon Ford” along the way.

  2. Is Raccoon Ford named this to mark the place where raccoon ford the river? Kind of like when Jethro Bodeen said he went to Oxford.

    Anyway – the formal gardens were nice but the location the best even if we were a bit off season. We did think of the muse when we were there. See

  3. corndoggie Says:

    Magnificent chicken. Pano’s dope too.

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