In Kansas.


Kansas Low Rider. Ya ese. Un bonito carrucho!

Have moved to Overland Pork, KS

I am at least be able to walk to the grocery store. In this area, there are two Whole Paychecks within 3 miles of each other. The closest one caters to rich hippies (more schnozz jewelry and lurid tattoos); they other is a haven for soccer moms who seem to be mainly tall Skandahoovian women. There is also a Dean & DeLucre, which is even more insanely expensive than Whole Paycheck. Hen House, a local chain, is more reasonable, and even has a whole kosher butcher shop and a wider selection of fresh sea food than the others I have mentioned. There are also PRICE CHOPPER and WALMRT, but they are 2 miles away.

There are also S. Asian greengrocers and halal butcher shops in the area. I can get fresh pork bung and cow uterus at the Korean 888 supermarket, too. Olathe or KCKS is where I shall go to get my ingredients for comida mejicana.

Who would believe they would freak out in Kansas, Suzy Creamcheese… Frank Zappa.

A recent painting:


Scene from Kreuz’ BBQ, Lockhart, Texas. From photo by Mike Farmer, un carnal de San Anto!


3 Responses to “In Kansas.”

  1. corndoggie Says:

    Lucky you! I can’t seem to find good bung around here.

  2. corndoggie Says:

    The poor man’s calimari…

  3. Hey, do they have chopped liver there?

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