First focus stacks (4/6/13)

(5 images)

(12 images)

3 Responses to “First focus stacks (4/6/13)”

  1. Nice work. You might enjoy the work of Robert Llewllyn:

  2. Also, this would be interesting with belly dancers or big titted bar babes as subject matter.

  3. corndoggie Says:

    Thanks. And the Llewllyn is beautiful stuff.

    Deep-sharp belly dancer belly button macros… could work.

    My itch for the future is to go deeeeper (5x) using a $100 10x infinite microscope objective, some adapters for a 100mm macro lens used as a “tube lens”, and a cheap eBay focusing rail for manual stacking or Magic Lantern firmware controlling the auto focus (which can give you up to 40-shot stacks before optics calls a halt).

    See this freaking freaky blowfly stack shot at 5x:

    BTW, Magic Lantern is finally available for the 7D, although focus stacking is not yet implemented. But you might like the audio meter overlay when shooting video

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