A little bird told me

A little bird told me that it may be a good idea to watch the April 18th airing of Jeopardy. The bird’s prophesy was rather cryptic but if I decoded the message correctly, then have your TV set to record history.Jeopardy


12 Responses to “A little bird told me”

  1. I just hope she makes it a true daily double.

  2. I just watched. The little bird musta made a mistake. I didn’t see her.

  3. We saw her. I won’t tell you what happened to avoid spoilers. Let’s just say we’re going to be watching again tomorrow night.

  4. corndoggie Says:

    I taped it and will get a chance to watch later tonight. But she was definitely on. Glad she made it to tomorrow. Ms. Obscured, you go, girl!

  5. Could you send me a copy? I must have watched a rerun. I wasn’t sposed to tell but I couldn’t resist giving you guys a heads up. Oh and to Corndoggie, Much surprise and gracious for you achieve golden shower of refresh best wish to givegold light to all place ever do this on people world so big stack.

  6. Be humbled and bring the blossom forth wishing best promises for spelling errors in total cumulative sparkles.

  7. corndoggie Says:

    Roto, I appreciate your kind gibberish.

    We just watched the tape. Bada-bing, bada-boom! Kick that bootie, babe!

  8. If them stats show what I think they do I got me a new best friend.
    She sure won my daily double after I saw the clips, she looked so damn stunning on TV it’s no wonder that she charmed the pants off ol’ Alex, “Judy, Judy, Judy, you are sooo good!”
    How can I watch the full episodes? My house flooded (bad news, 45,000 worth of damage, good news, I’m insured and my first floor will look like a brand new home when finished) It’s been rather a drag not having things like my washer,dryer, furniture, address book and so much more including the kitchen sink! Not to mention the sublime bliss of having a house packed with Mexican craftsmen coming and going for the last three weeks playing their “Eh Eh Eh Mariachi radio.
    I was shooting on location when the shows aired so I still have not seen the brilliant and beautiful (not to mention kind and always generous) Judy,Judy,Judy demonstrating her steel trap incisive
    superior intellect on nation wide television. Can anyone tell me how I can watch the full episodes online?
    I don’t care what the folks in St.Paul, Minnie say about her, she will always be my “Home Town Hero”

  9. I VHS-taped Show #1 on Thursday and I might be able to copy it somehow.

    I also taped Show #2 last night. When we settled in to watch it later we got 30 minutes of a huddle of cops standing around in Watertown while announcers filled space. J the O was preempted and totally Obscured.

    Did she make it to a 3rd round on Monday?

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