Focus-stacking #5


4-18-13 big bee 12stk4-18-13 big bee 12stk_100pc4-18-13 beetle 17stk9092_dogwood_Dmap


3 Responses to “Focus-stacking #5”

  1. No insects were harmed in the stacking of this focus.

  2. They were not “harmed”, they were snuffed out in the prime of their ecologically beneficial pollinating lives just to satisfy the “creative impulses” of our macabre “Genius in Residence” After he exterminates them, (it’s Ok, insects don’t feel pain) he poses their dead bodies and takes pictures, ( “Hell!, the ones that are still alive just won’t hold still, dammit!) One wonders what’s next, perhaps posing the dead creatures in coitus or dressing them in humorous costumes at a wonderfully pictorial ” Dead Insects Ball”?
    If he wants to do more exterminating I hear Orkin is hiring.

  3. corndoggie Says:

    That inchworm held still for the several minutes required, then escaped.

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