Macro Mystery Challenge


What’s this?


6 Responses to “Macro Mystery Challenge”

  1. What is: something new that you’ve killed in the name of photography, Alex.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Bzzzzt! Not.

  3. OK, honestly, it looks like a rather dirty rat’s tail, which makes it no less creepy than my first answer!

  4. Alex, Close up Images of Bugs for 800.
    The answer is, In the 40’s The Mills Brothers had a hit song about this larva.
    “What is a Glow Morm?
    Ooh! so close, It’s an Inch Worm.

  5. A one point when I lived with Ricky, we kept a possum. Not a bad pet ‘cept it was up late at night. One night we were awakened by the male nurses next door. Thinking it was a rat, they almost killed it until we came to the rescue.

  6. corndoggie Says:

    Could you pet it?

    Dawg went out to do her business last night and chased something off the back porch. A flashlight showed dawg harassing a rat corpse… but it was only little Possum Pete playing, er, possum. I grabbed dawg, Pete seemed unharmed, and after I stuffed dawg back in the house Pete made his way into the night.

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