Famous artists with their cats




17 Responses to “Famous artists with their cats”

  1. Those are great. I love cats. Gustav Klimt was one strange looking dude.

  2. corndoggie Says:

    Are you sure you don’t have the cat-vectored virus that causes one to love cats?

  3. corndoggie Says:

    And yes, Klimt strangely resembled the Dali Lama.

  4. jude3obscured Says:

    Like the Salvador Dali Lama? Or would that be Dolly Llam?

  5. jude3obscured Says:

    Dammit — that should have been Dolly Llama.

  6. corndoggie Says:

    J3O, welcome back! Can I have some money?

  7. jude3obscured Says:

    Thank you, and no.

  8. corndoggie Says:

    Dang. Seriously, though, are you going to treat yourself to something (designer welding togs, etc.)?

  9. jude3obscured Says:

    I just bought myself two torch tips (medium-weight — 1 and 3), Am thinking about buying an angle grinder (Boatdog, any recommendations?)

  10. J Moser Says:

    I’ve got a Metabo 4″ grinder that has lasted me for over 10 years. I had never heard of the brand before, but it was included for free with the purchase of some grinding disks, so I said ya hey. I’m using it most recently with a chain saw blade carving attachment for carving plexiglass. Naturally, I am also a fan of the “Milwaukee” tool brand, but I hear they have cheapened their production in recent years. Please don’t forget to use your safety glasses and ear plugs or headphones. Or, as they say, “I hope you are using protection.”

  11. J Moser Says:

    Oh, I also have the 8 inch Black and Decker grinder that I bought in 1975. But I hardly ever use it, because the 4″ is much more “wieldy.”

  12. jude3obscured Says:

    My favorite welding supply place has a basic Metabo 4.5″ on sale for $75. But also one for $130 on sale with “quick wheel change system,” always the bane of my existence. Maybe I’ll splurge that extra $55.

    I’d llike to see that carved plexiglass. You should post a pic on the Muse.

  13. J Moser Says:

    Yeah changing wheels is a bummer. That quick change thingy sounds so futuristic compared to what I have. The Jetson’s have landed! I’ll post the plexi carving as soon as it’s done. I have to have it ready for a show at the Science Museum in two weeks, and they’re printing labels and stuff, so I’ like, really have to get it done! Wish me luck!

  14. corndoggie Says:

    Splurge, champ, you’ve earned it!

    And JMos, luck!

  15. jude3obscured Says:

    Yes, definitely luck. Deadlines are good — they focus the mind.

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