Focus-stacking #6

suspended spider husk (male?)

fresh vs. three days’ decayed — oh, the horror

cleaned_bumblebee_21-stack_cr 4-25-13_dry-eye_bumblebee_12stk red_beetle_13-stack 4-27-13_empty_spider_11stk 4-27-13_0254_spider_34stk 4-27-13_0052_moth_19stk

3 Responses to “Focus-stacking #6”

  1. Ah, yes. I’m reminded of one of our earlier discussions on the subject of insects, that may become my next Daily Muse animated short film:

  2. I am the first to admit that, for a variety of reasons, my general policy is to be rather niggardly in doling out praise to Corndoggie lest I further feed the furnace of his ravenous ego, however, I must say that I admire some of his experiments with focus stacking and several of the images are first rate.
    Now lets see something other than bugs.

  3. corndoggie Says:

    Hey, thanks for the dollop of praise — my ego’s hungry furnace is cranked.

    But bugs are some of the most interesting small things going. And don’t forget I hung with an entomologist for three years, popping cool bugs in the freezer… Kinda caught the bug, so to speak.

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