Focus-stacking #7 (and lens stacking): Painted Lady

Manual 50mm f1.4 reverse-mounted on 100mm macro (2:1 magnification), 42-image stack

5-03-13_1158_moth_18stk 5-03-13_1217_moth_headon_18stk 5-03-13_1217_moth_headon_18stk_cu
100mm macro (1:1 magnification), 18-image stacks and crop
50mm f1.4 reverse-mounted on 100mm macro, 26-image stack


4 Responses to “Focus-stacking #7 (and lens stacking): Painted Lady”

  1. corndoggie Says:

    Some tech notes for any who might be interested:

    1) I use Magic Lantern firmware to automate the capture process, but tiny moves of the focus ring or a focus rail can work OK.

    2) After disappointment with Photoshop’s focus-stacking (poor job, impossible to edit the pile of masks it creates), I’ve moved to Zerene Stacker. This does a much better job with more options, doesn’t use masks, and its retouching tools for fixing issues are made for the task.

    3) If anyone wants to try ML or ZS, I’ll post some tips from what I’ve learned using these slightly unstable but wonderful tools.

  2. J Moser Says:

    I want to know all, but, especially, how do you kill your bugs?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Stick ’em in the freezer. I’m getting some ethyl acetate for collecting farther afield than the backyard.

  4. Anon anon alas alack Says:

    I don’t give a dead bug about focus stacking, what I like is bofus stacking. I figure some of that ether might help my collecting when I go farther afield too.

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