How my closest living relative conquered New Orleans

New Orleans wRick 102

New Orleans wRick 091

New Orleans wRick 099

New Orleans wRick 101

Brother Rick invited me down to Norlens last week to hang out for a few days and watch him play some Dixieland and Jazz at some French Quarter venues. He played banjo with the Grammy nominated band (The Dukes of Dixieland) aboard the paddlewheel steamship “Natchez” on a cruise down the mighty Miss, played banjo and piano with the jazz band at Fritzells on Bourbon st. and also sat in the entire gig with the house band at the relatively new Jazz Park on Bourbon as well as a little place on Canal call “Chickie Wah Wah”. Everywhere he played he wowed not only the audience but the fellow musicians as well and he recieved repeated standing ovations and invitations to work with the bands and these are the top old time jazz bands in town. He may drive down from DC to cover for the group at the Jazz Park along with his drummer. Still, I’m not sure he is ready to become a bohemian jazzman in The Big Easy but at least he knows that there is a job waiting for him there if he ever decides to drop out of the real world. 

One Response to “How my closest living relative conquered New Orleans”

  1. corndoggie Says:

    He’d need to buy some cool alligator shoes like the trumpet player’s.

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