Focus-stacking #10: cuckoo wasp


123-image stack, 50mm reversed on 100mm, natural light

This pretty critter sneaks into wasp or bee burrows and nests to lay its eggs, camouflaging itself by smell. If the host discovers and attacks the intruder, the cuckoo wasp curls up like an armadillo. The host drags it outside, where it watches until the host leaves, then sneaks back in.

The larvae will either eat the host’s larvae or eat all their food.

5 Responses to “Focus-stacking #10: cuckoo wasp”

  1. rotobra Says:

    As a host I’ve had guests that did the exact same things.
    This shot is “purty good”, one of your better “stacks”, still, nothing beats a real live subject particularly it they are human.

  2. rotobra Says:

    Reblogged this on The Daily Muse.

  3. rotobra Says:

    I should stop clicking at random buttons. I was just trying to change the “it” to what I meant, “if” . Judging by the “cuddlyness” of Corndoggie’s subjects maybe “it” is more correct.

  4. corndoggie Says:

    Live, huh? See ##11

  5. Traditional Chinese Feng Shui teaches that placing one of these eggs in your closet bodes well that you will acquire a brand new wardrobe in the near future.

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