Focus-stacking #11: live giant silk moth


27-image stack (about two minutes to sequence, plus a couple to set up the shot)


Live polyphemus (giant silk) moth photographed posing perfectly still while laying this egg. According to an expert, the hairs on the egg came from the mother during laying.


I found this fat mama laying her eggs on a brick plaza next to the Coliseum downtown. She laid a dozen on the way home. I put some of them (and her) near a sweet-gum tree in some nearby woods. I’m saving some to try to raise on sweet-gum leaves.

4 Responses to “Focus-stacking #11: live giant silk moth”

  1. See comment on previous post. The shot that shows the moths defensive camoulage displaying the threatening eyes of a much larger creature is great. The Chinese consider these eggs good “Qi” (pronounced “Chee”) Place one egg in the north west corner of each closet.

  2. corndoggie Says:

    The eyespots and body look like a raccoon’s eyes and nose.

  3. jude3obscured Says:

    The ancient Furshlugginers consider these puffed styrofoam-like orange salt-delivery vehicles good Chee-tos.

  4. corndoggie Says:

    My ancestors introduced puffed styrofoam-like orange salt-delivery vehicles to the New World.

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