What he saw.

What he saw.

Look closely to see if you can find the person who was in the boat.


2 Responses to “What he saw.”

  1. corndoggie Says:

    Yo… can’t look closely at the preview image, and clicking it doesn’t link to the larger version. You can fix this by editing the post: delete the text tags for the image, click the “Add Media” button, and re-insert the photo which is already in the Media Library. Look at the right side of the screen at Attachment Display Settings and choose “Media File” under “Link to”. You probably have this set to “None”.

    A couple of tips on image-posting. Storage space on the Muse is not infinite, so if you upload an image twice or upload one you decide not to use, be sure to delete the unneeded ones from the Media Library.

    Another thing you can do is to scale images down to browser-size. I tend to make mine around 1350 x 900.

    Post some more pics! And if no one can guess the boat person after being able to see a large image, please tell us who it is.

  2. Thanks for tip. Don’t know who the boat person was, but if he’s there, he’s dead.

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