More about my “Nutmeg” ancestor


Well I’ve found that I am a direct descendant of this John Eldred guy and that when he went overland to what is now Iraq after sailing on the Tiger from England he returned with enough nutmeg and cinnamon to fill the packs of over four thousand camels. It took several trips to bring it all to England but Eldred had taken a very special liking to the middle east over and above the profit motive. When he died one of his sons, Revett, erected a monument and bust of him in the Great Saxham Church with an inscription that reads;

  The Holy Land so called I have seene   and in the Land of Babilon have beene

  But in that Land where glorious Saints doe live  My Soul doth crave of Christ a roome to give


One Response to “More about my “Nutmeg” ancestor”

  1. I am a descendant, too. Just found out his story. What an amazing man.

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