So it seems that some birds prefer Cuban


So it seems that some birds prefer Cuban cigars,perhaps they are unaware of the unfortunate embargo, just one of the many silly government rules that unsuccessfully attempt to rain on my parade of life’s most simple pleasures. What a pity. Thank goodness I have a few little birds left with enough stones left to whisper me sweet nothings and bring me my preferred smokes direct from Havana. I  only hope that this particular raven will let go of my cigar and bother me nevermore.


3 Responses to “So it seems that some birds prefer Cuban”

  1. jude3obscured Says:

    It’s a crow. And yes, Roto, I know I have no poetry in my soul.

  2. rotobra Says:

    You used to have poetry in your soul but perhaps these many years of correcting other writers has bled some of the sweet sap of poetry from your veins and replaced it with terribly oh so correct ice water. The very soul of poetry often resides in its flaws. In all great beauty lies an element of strangeness. However, to correct the corrector, in the above case, the bird is neither crow nor raven. It looks more like an overused stuffed prop starling. Poetic license allows me to post the picture of Hitchcock because he reminded me of what Mr. Gandolfini would have looked like had he lived twenty years more; allows me to reference Poe, another master of horror thereby turning the pathetic little starling into a raven and using “nevermore” in my imitation of “Hitchcockese”
    Just words, words, words, full of fire, signifying nothing yet I scribble on as long as I don’t have to correct a technical manual. Leave the usage manual on the shelf, turn off the spell check, only peek at the thesaurus and let it flow out. Give it a try and for once leave the corrections for others. You may find it not only cathartic but liberating. Just sayin’

  3. rotobra Says:

    I know, I know, you don’t need no stinkin’ “spell check”
    That’s not what’s holding you back, its your Quixotic quest for perfection that’s eating Gilbert Grape.

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