Cave: “Can’t Find My Shoes” (7/12/13)



One Response to “Cave: “Can’t Find My Shoes” (7/12/13)”

  1. Did you check near the pool? That’s where I usually lose my shoes and my keys. At least he had the presence of mind to place them together. I don’t doubt that the author had “worn out his welcome” after his hosts got a whiff of dem der clodhoppers emitting the famous “Tang”. Have you ever heard the singer’s theory of “The Tang”? He claims that modern innovations like deodorant and cologne mask your natural pheromones that stimulate behavioral responses in the opposite sex regarding the prime directive of reproduction. He has dubbed his own aromatic secretions “The Tang”. On the surface, field trials with my female employees have prove somewhat contradictory to this theory. This not to say that I doubt the veracity of his basic theory having experienced similar responses under the right conditions with already receptive females.
    The song sounds like a “Cave Song” Why not try something new? Go all Ska or Raggae with bass and and drum machine or maybe even a drummer?

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