Great portrait software

Bob's Shoot-5769Ginger enhanced

I am not a paid spokesperson for

I got the free trial for 5 minutes before I spent the 35 bucks. This elegant software is a real game changer. Now wordpress? anyhoo you can see the before and after done in under a minute. Phenomenal.

Ginger is one of favorite subjects but I couldn’t do the full on magazine pin-up model look till I bought this program two days ago. I love the look on her but even the least photogenic subjects can be greatly enhanced.

8 Responses to “Great portrait software”

  1. Hubba, hubba, Ginger.

    Imagenomic’s Portraiture is also good.

    Try running the filter on a layer copy, then lower the opacity a bit to bring out a little skin texture and reduce the “plastic” look.

  2. Thanks Big K, the current version has worked out the bugs. To Corndoggie, this is a free standing program that works independent of PhotoShop. The different skin effect “sliders” can bring back as much detail in the skin as you want without need of creating a layer and reducing opacity. For this before and after of Ginger I basically pushed it all the way to show the dramatic difference and yes I know that she looks rather “waxen”. Still all the changes for her were made in no more than three minutes. If we go too far the client will tell us and of course men are treated quite differently. We wouldn’t go this far for most clients who want a more natural look. The great thing is that the software can identify facial features and hair allowing us to thin the face, whiten teeth and eyes, change eye and hair color and so many more things that would normally involve carefully selecting areas, layers, opacity and and other time consuming things in PhotoShop. All that might be fine if you are not paying people by the hour and don’t create several hundred portrait images each day for clients who expect to view their portraits the following day as we do. We do not have the time to treat every image this way, only a few from each session as an example for the client. However, all images are adjusted and corrected in LightRoom thanks to the speed of batch processing all shots taken in a given location and lighting, usually about 4 or 5 different sets. Thanks for your input.

  3. J Moser Says:

    1. I like the plastic look.
    2. What is time if not something to be consumed?
    3. I can see the tattoos in both versions.

  4. J Moser Says:

    Don’ know nuthin’ about portrait software, but I ran it through my favorite rootball processor, called Topaz (also the name of a well remembered hound). For the lazy artist, Topaz has an “I feel lucky button,” which I used to get this version of the spice girl.

  5. J Moser Says:

    While I was at it, I noted that the daily muse has used up most of it’s storage space. It might be time for bugslabber to get it’s own blog, just sayin’. …Or use the handy “donate” button.

  6. Mos Jay, the only thing I saw when I tried to open your version of the spice girl was a message saying “no editing allowed”

  7. J Moser Says:


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