L’ Hydroptère


6 Responses to “L’ Hydroptère”

  1. The Americas Cup is the oldest active trophy in international sport. The USA had the longest winning streak in sports retaining the trophy since winning the first race in 1851 until they lost it to The Royal Perth Yacht Club in 1983. I had the priviledge of being a spectator at the 2000 race in Aukland New Zealand to see Team New Zealand, skippered by Russell Couts trounce the challenger, from Italy, “Prada Challenge”.
    I have loved all sailboats from the smallest to the largest, from slow to fast ever since Bobby Ferrell’s dad took me sailing on the Chesapeake Bay when I was 13. I’ve owned them from Sunfish to yacht and now I’m looking for another.
    Does anyone know the equation that qualifies a boat as a “Cup” racer? These “pontoon” style boats are new.

  2. jude3obscured Says:

    Moi aussi, j’adore faire de la voile, mais quant aux bateaux-la, c’est dingue!

  3. Dingue fever.

  4. Never took no classes in parlay voo en francois but it looks like you said “My Australian, I know you love what you refer to as your big boat but we yanks would just call it a dingy.”
    I’m sure it’s “lost in translation”.
    This comment does remind of the time the ex and I were touring a ranch in the Australian outback. I snagged the shotgun seat beside the property owner who seemed happy to have some genuine Texas aboard since surely we were ranchers also. He was naturally proud of his spread and livestock and anxious to show it off to some real Texans. We drove in his Land Rover through some rather barren land as he paused from time to time to point out his flocks of sheep and herds of cattle. I suppose I should point out that prior to “The Outback Ranch Tour” we had been in the “Billibong” all afternoon as I repeatedly toasted my Australian brothers in arms and eventually led my new friends in a singalong of “Waltzing Matilda”. I couldn’t help asking him why his livestock seemed rather puny in comparison to Texas beasts . I asked him if his sheep were a special miniature breed and told him that back in Texas our cattle were twice as big with horns three times longer. Right about then a huge Kangaroo came out of nowhere and jumped across the road. I shouted out, “What the hell was that?” My Australian host turned to me with a grin and said, “What’s the matter mate? Havn’t you ever seen a jackrabbit?”

  5. jude3obscured Says:

    Lemon merengue pie — it’s light, fluffy and danceable

  6. jude3obscured Says:

    And Roto: I’m learning “Waltzing Matilda” on the violin. Maybe next time we all get together you can dance the meringue while I play.

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