Cave: “I’m in the Boat” (11/10/13)


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  1. The music for this came to me in a dream about 4 years ago. This is a somewhat simplified version of the chords. In the dream, there were different words and instrumentation and other qualities. So, not there’s anything wrong with this impromptu version, I reserve all rights to re-make this in a version more true to the original hallucinatory vision. “i’m in the boat” are the words I like the best with this version, and are sort of close to the original idea.

  2. A real fine tune and a very diplomatic disclaimer. This song deserves some new lyrics and perhaps a singer with less gravel and more honey. Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan and many others pulled off the raspy thing with panache but it can get a little old on some Power Cave songs. I suppose budgetary issues preclude hiring colored girls to do harmonized back up vocals. I like the song, could you transcribe the lyrics? I am trying to work up some lyrics of my own for this tune. Perhaps JMoser could tell me more about the inspirational dream. The native Americans called them “Strong Dreams” filled with great portent. I have had several such dreams that I subsequently transformed into actual realization with rather gratifying results.
    Sorry for my hiatus from The Muse, I’ve been a little preoccupied lately. Roto

  3. Pray Tell Roto
    also –
    Does this song have anything to do with “The little Man”

  4. You would be obliged to ask the author of the lyrics this question, however if you are implying that the theme of this libretto concerns human genitalia or coitus from a slightly post pubescent prospective then your initial perceptions and implications would be historically well founded.

  5. Strong dream, eh? It went like this: I was performing this song on stage at night at the Galax Old Fiddlers Convention, even though the song is a weird waltz and mostly unlike what is frequently heard at Galax. There was a band, though not staffed by anyone I currently know, but generally with bluegrass instrumentation. The lighting was spot lit with a lot of dust and insects flying in the streaks of yellow light (just like at Galax). I saw the scene both from inside my head and from backstage, behind the band, looking out into the spot lights. In the dream the song had complete lyrics, but, by the time I woke up, all I could remember was one refrain: “Bring it on. The saints are suffering.” Take it away, Roto.

  6. ..and, yeah, more mellifluous vocalizations, covered with honey are desired! We recently did a new song – Waves of Joy – that has less than normally croaky vocals. Maybe Corndog will post it.

  7. corndoggie Says:

    Like most Cave lyrics, these were passed hand to hand. No one can take full credit or blame.

    I’M IN THE BOAT — lyrics by Power Cave

    I’m in the boat, wind, sea and glee.
    Hang on now, sugar, get closer to me.
    Who knows where we go?
    Take it fast, take it slow.
    I’ll speed on the wind and wallow in sin.
    The world starts to spin when I drink to much gin.

    I’m in the boat.
    Hang on now, sugar, get closer to me.
    I speed on the wind and wallow in sin.
    Hoist up your antenna and point it west.
    Drive along in your best makeshift ship.

    Stay the course in a one-piece suit.
    Don’t press too hard, the question’s moot
    And the answer is true.
    I’m in the boat, hang on.
    Wind, sea and glee, get closer to me
    Who knows where we go?
    Take it fast and take it slow.

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