Kon -Tiki

ImageImageI like the picture of the Kon-Tiki in the last Cave song post. When I was only 8 or so I found a copy of the children’s book “Kon-Tiki and I” by crew member Hesselberg illustrated with his fantastic sketches from the voyage and It really sparked my imagination, I wanted to do this sort of thing when I grew up (If you ever find a copy, grab it, it’s a collectable worth over 200 clams). I soon read Thor Heyerdahl’s own account of this anthropologically inspired sea adventure and I’ve been fascinated by his theories and subsequent voyages to this very day. I even made a point to see the actual Kon-Tiki (not a replica) and also the Ra while visiting Oslo, Norway.  I figure if he could safely make the passage from South America to Polynesia on a raft with a small sail then I should be able to go anywhere on the seven seas (I bet you can’t name the seven seas) with a modern sailboat equipped with the latest technology. I am getting the scratch together to buy such a craft, all I need now is an anthropological theory. Here are a couple of my favorite photos from the 1947 voyage of Kon-Tiki. I need to see the 2012 film.


5 Responses to “Kon -Tiki”

  1. 1. Sea of despair 2. Sea of Loneliness 3. Sea of the Eight Oysters (La Mer de la Huit Huitres) 4. The Sea of Hopeless Pursuits 5. The Sea of Doubt 6. The Sea by the Sea 7. Sea of Heartbreak.

  2. Also read Heyerdahl’s “Fatu Hiva” which is sort of a Robinson Caruso tale that chronicals his Honeymoon

  3. “The Seven Seas” is just a figure of speech, a relic from when it was believed that there were seven of them in the “known” world mostly adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. The only Seven Seas I know well are Italian, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Catalina, Thousand Island, Caesar and Green Goddess. I don’t mean to go all “Jude the Corrector” on you but it’s actually “Crusoe” not “Caruso” A very common error, perhaps because we get confused between Enrique Caruso the first recorded opera singer and Robinson Crusoe the castaway in Daniel Defoe’s groundbreaking novel. Not to pile on but it’s “chronicles” not “chronicals”. But cereally, Thor Heyerdahl remains a hero to me.

  4. I thought I might conjure up Jude with my little celebration of french language cuteness, above, but now that the grammatical corrections have begun, she is almost sure to show up.


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