Odd Relations

odd relations2

Odd relations

I found these photos in Mom’s collection of memorabilia although I never heard them mentioned when I was growing up. According to Mom’s scribbled notes the subject was rather taboo but as far as I can read Mom writes, “ Charles Wilson was a cousin to my mother Myrtie Mae Edwards and he and his wife, Nancy had some sort of vaudeville routine and also were in Hollywood films. Baby Mary was born naturally with complication.” ( The studio imprint at the bottom of the group shot reads, “copyrighted 1934 by A. Thornton Los Angeles Calif”) Mom continues,

“ The high point of their career in show biz came when all three were cast in The Wizard of Oz. He as one of the Wicked Witch soldiers, she as a Munchkin and baby Mary as an Emerald City child. Charles was drafted into the army in 1942 but he went AWOL in Paris in 1945 never contacting his wife or us ever again. This callow desertion and their unusual appearance made Charles and Nancy a few more black sheep in the family.”

   I wish that I had met them. They sure would have livened up the family Christmas gatherings.


4 Responses to “Odd Relations”

  1. Let me say this about that! These scans are wonderful! I always reflect on the family past during the holidays usually by going through the old photos. You have found some real treasures to share.

    ABC is broadcasting the original SOUND OF MUSIC tonight and find it is over whelming me with emotion from memories of gone love ones that use to watch with “way back when.”

    Also got my Solstice Card printed at WalGreens this evening. They did an incredible printing in less than a half hour. The woman helping me asked if I was a professional and had me fill out a form, which I need to go back and read again because at that time the store was robbed up front and lost focus but to get out from among a sea of police.

    Happy Holidays!!!

  2. Fun film. Thanks for sharing it. Should be a main post.

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