The march toward common sense is on!


Demonstrators holding a sign depicting U







potpic8The march toward common sense is on!

First Colorado and Washington then a sweep of the entire nation with the possible exceptions of Texas and a few other states. Let us all hope that Colorado handles it well and collects a huge amount of tax revenue, money that formerly might have been sent to the evil, ruthless and violent cartels south of the border. It’s not much different than the first prohibition that made a fortune for guys like Al Capone. Instead of repealing an amendment with the stroke of a pen, this ending of laws against a relatively benign and potentially healing natural herb, laws that are routinely scoffed at to the smoker’s peril of imprisonment, (think of my dear departed Mom being thrown into a jail cell because toking up calmed her nerves) will be done piecemeal, state by state. Now, thanks to the courage of the Colorado legislature, this march toward common sense has begun. I hope it will continue. Now let’s plan a ski trip!


7 Responses to “The march toward common sense is on!”

  1. jude3obscured Says:

    I remember doing a double-take for my 72-hour whirlwind trip to L.A., when I went to Venice Beach and saw all the sandwich boards for pot along the boardwalk or whatever the hell they call it out there along the beach. And that was just for medicinal marijuana.

  2. Spell check: You did a double toke?

  3. jude3obscured Says:

    Haw haw!

  4. The Colorado legislature shows no more courage than a child on a merry-go-round grabbing for the golden ring.

  5. “As soon as he was named to the post, he acknowledged using marijuana. “If I weren’t completely honest from the get-go, we lose credibility,” said Mr. Baca, who recently became engaged to his girlfriend while vacationing in Bali.”
    Really, Mr. Baca? You mean you can’t review different types of pot without ever actually trying any? What a surprise. You did however lose a good deal of credibility with me when you used the phrase “from the get-go”.
    I spent several minutes today explaining to one of my employees that different strains of herb have different tastes and effects, that an indica high was quite different than one from a sativa and that much horticultural expertise has been invested in creating cross strains making the reviewing of herb much more complex than reviewing wine. She nodded like she got the concept, I hope Mr. Baca will.

  6. Would one of your elected representatives in Virginia be courageous for fighting for the same type of measure?
    I think you know the answer.

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